covid-19 Updates

We will be taking additional steps based on CDC recommendations to continue keeping our families and staff safe when we reopen.

These measures will include but are not limited to: 

  • Dancers must wear masks when entering and exiting the studio. Also while in common areas of the studio. 

  • Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures: Parents will need to ring the doorbell and drop off their child at the door, where a staff member will be waiting at the door to minimize the number of people on-site. For pick up, parents must ring the doorbell or call the front desk to let our staff know you have arrived and they will then bring your child to you. Parents will not be allowed in the building. 

  • Each student’s temperature will be screened at the door with a no-contact, infrared thermometer. Students with an elevated temperature will be sent home immediately.

  • Required hand washing/sanitization upon entering and before leaving the studio as well as a minimum of one mid-class sanitation break.

  • Classes will start a few minutes later and end a few minutes earlier to give the instructors time to sanitize dance rooms between classes.

  • The water fountain will be shut off so please make sure your dancer brings a water bottle from home or brings money to purchase water from the vending machine.

  • Staff will be following no-travel and self-quarantine rules as well as increased on-site hygiene practices. 

  • No students will be allowed in the building if they have symptoms or have family members with symptoms, or have traveled within 14 days. 

  • The studio floors will have 6 ft squares marked with masking tape to ensure that all dancers and instructors are keeping within social distancing guidelines. 

  • The studio, lockers, toys, and all apparatus will be cleaned and disinfected every evening.

  • The number of students allowed to sign up for our summer camps will be limited. So sign up early to secure your spot!

  • Summer Campers will not be allowed to bring pillows, blankets, or toys from home.


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