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Group Classes
$79 a month ~ 1 hour Class a week
 To add an extra class it's just $46 a month additional.

Registration Fee
Annual registration fee of $60. Will be required to pay again if your dancer does not attend classes for more than 60 days.

Competitive team
"DBC Academy"

Prices are not listed.
please call for info.

Sibling Discount
20% off for siblings.

After School Pickup
Cowan, Baranoff, Manchaca,
Kocurek, Boone, 
Bailey MS
Includes 6+ hours of dance per week. Different Genres from Ballet/Tap, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Lyrical. End of the year Recital!!
Private Sessions
Private Lessons can vary depending on Instructor. See office for more details.


$30~ 30 min session

$60~ 1 hour session
$120~ 2 hour sessions
$180~ 3 hour sessions

$240~ 4 hour sessions


Sessions can run on a daily or weekly basis. If two dancers are taking a private session, price is divided in half per dancer.

Current Customers,
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We require a 30 day email notice before withdrawing.
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This applies to newcomers only


Buy Gift Certificates of any value. Can be used for private sessions, semi-private sessions and group classes. Offered to children and adults.

Office Hours
Monday - Friday 3pm - 6pm
Please email us for the quickest response.

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