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For more information about our prices, parking, our studio, and to see pictures, click the links below.

DBC Academy

These Elite performers will do a variety of Austin area performances throughout the year! We compete at regional and national competitions all over Texas. DBC Academy offers your little dancer to begin a path of learning how to perform on stage, feel confident, have strength, and have a healthy lifestyle. Our instructors/ choreographers are professional dancers that choreograph strong, challenging routines. They inspire our dancers to have team spirit, self-confidence, poise, flexibility, and endurance to be the best they can be.

We keep our hours and schedules easy for the families and dancers involved.  Please contact us if you are interested in auditioning!

Our Instructors

Please view our staff at Dance by Carly! Our teachers and staff are what makes the studio what it is. Bringing love, trust, friendship, and the best dance instruction a child needs for growth, strength and slef-confidence.

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