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*NEW* High School Team 

Mandatory virtual audition submission due August 8th @ 10 pm

We are introducing a new performance group for the 2020-21 season intended for incoming freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Our competitive teams will start meeting in September and will continue to attend weekly classes until the last competition which is usually a Nationals that occurs in July. This is a serious commitment and should not be taken lightly. These dancers will be devoting a year to the team and our studio, only having breaks on holidays. 


This performance group is ideal for dancers who have a busy schedule with their high school course load and extracurriculars but desire a higher level of dance and choreography than most public school teams provide. These dancers will only need to attend competitive classes one day a week to learn their routines and are asked to take technique and ballet classes on other days of the week that fit into their schedule. These dancers will compete in jazz and lyrical/contemporary with the option to add additional competitive classes like hip hop.


The competition schedule for this group will be released once we have received all the high school dancers calendars for their school drill teams. Because this group is only competing 2-3 routines, there is a chance that they will attend more competitions than our normal competitive team, but this depends on what all the dancers personal schedules allow. This team will also have the opportunity to attend conventions in the Austin or San Antonio areas! 

These dancers must have the following skills: more than a double pirouette on both sides, able to perform a la seconde turns (turns in second/carries), broad knowledge of ballet vocabulary, pique turns, switch leaps, russian leaps and turning russian leaps, advanced dancers are also able to execute most skills and tricks on both sides (left & right). Advanced dancers usually have 4 to 6 years of dance experience.


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