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DBC Thermos
Dancers can keep these in the dance room and not make a mess!
Window Decals
Show your support to DBC by sporting these fun window decals on your vehicle! Dancers name can also be included with no additional charge.
Dancers must be able to listen to their songs and practice anywhere. With this portable, rechargeable speaker, your dancer can practice before every performance.
DBC Cooler
Keep your snacks cool on long dance days or Competition days!
Front Mom
Here is the front of Dance Mom t-shirt
Back of Mom Shirt
Here is the back of the "Dance Mom" t-shirt. Parents can include dancers name as well!
This back pack can carry your thermos, cooler, speaker and ALL your dance clothes! Including a safe compartment for your tablet or computer.
This Duffel bag has it all! It can hold all your dance attire, shoes, and so much more. Arrive to class organized and in style!
Front of Dad t
Here is the front of the Dad's t-shirt. Such Humor!
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