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For ages 4-17 years old

What is DBC Academy? Our team has placed 1st overall and has brought home scholarships as well as hard-earned first place and first overall trophies from a variety of Dance Competitions. DBC Academy is an award-winning team on a Regional and National level. These auditions are offered to the more serious dancer, who wants to take dancing to the next level. We book 3 competitions in a season, along with conventions and/or local performances. This is offered to ages 4-17 years old. Our teams are picked by their individual technique level.

Our academy consists of anywhere from 4 to 6 teams, all created based on age, technique, and performance quality. Competitive dancers will train a minimum of 4-6 hours a week and will compete at least 3 times a year. Being a competitive dancer is a year-long commitment because they train from the beginning of the school year and through the summer until we go to Nationals which is usually in June or July. In the past, our team has traveled for Nationals to locations such as San Antonio, Galveston, and even California. Being a competitive dancer is a serious commitment and a great experience for any young child who desires to become a performer.

Virtual Audition Instructions

 If you plan to audition please fill out this google form to sign up.

Click Here for Audition Sign Up

Click Here for High School Team Audition Sign Up

After you submit this form, you will receive an email with instructions on how to pay the audition fee of ($5) through our parent portal. You must have a current registration form/active account in order to audition and utilize our parent portal feature. The audition fee MUST be paid in order to receive the audition choreography.

**The audition choreography videos will be released on August 1st**

**Audition videos must be submitted by August 8th, 10 AM CST**

Mandatory DBC Intensives will be held on August 10th-13th.

(Dancers will only be required to attend one day of the intensive. The day will be determined by level and team) 

~ Please read the instructions below to understand how the audition process will work ~ 

We will have recorded videos of DBC instructors teaching each audition combo, so your dancer can learn the combos at home. We will have different combos for each level, and in a variety of genres. All dancers auditioning for our competitive team are required to submit videos of the audition combos and a skills video that includes a short improv. Improv allows dancers to showcase any skills that they would like the judges and instructors to see that were not included in the previous videos, and it gives them a chance to show our instructors and choreographers what their personal dance style is like.


Determining your dancer's level:

  • Beginner: This level is suggested for but not limited to ages 5 to 7. This level is for dancers who have 0 to 1 year of competitive dancing experience and are relatively new to the world of dance. Beginner dancers know basic terminology, ballet positions, arm placements, and have the discipline to work hard and pay attention in class.

  • Intermediate: This level is suggested for but not limited to ages 8 to 12. These dancers have 1 to 4 years of competitive dancing experience. Intermediate dancers must have: pirouettes, jetes, know basic terminology, know all ballet positions, have leg flexibility, and are able to perform most tricks and skills on both sides (left & right). 

  • Advanced: This level is suggested for but not limited to ages 13 and up. Advanced dancers have: more than a double pirouette on both sides, able to perform a la seconde turns (turns in second/carries), broad knowledge of ballet vocabulary, pique turns, switch leaps, russian leaps and turning russian leaps, advanced dancers are also able to execute most skills and tricks on both sides (left & right). Advanced dancers usually have 4 to 6 years of dance experience. (High School dancers will be expected to meet the same advanced requirements)


*any dancers below the age of 5 will need to contact us before auditioning!*

If you are not sure what your dancer's level is, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and ask.


Requirements & Steps for Audition Videos:

Videos can be filmed at home (indoors, or outdoors) in an appropriate space for your dancer to move around freely and perform the dance skills and choreography taught in the videos and for their improv. Dancers must wear all black and secure their hair in a bun for their audition videos. For tap videos, if you do not have hardwood flooring or tile in your home you can use some plywood and place it on the floor so that we can clearly hear their tap sounds.

Steps for creating & uploading video

1. Visit our YouTube channel and watch the videos for your dancers level

2. Your dancer will need to learn all the required material prior to filming

3. Film your audition videos

4. Use an app like iMovie (mac) or video editor (PC), or a different video editing software to edit all the audition videos into one long video

5. Upload your audition video to youtube as an Unlisted video and copy the link to the video

                (If you are not sure how to do this, please see this video tutorial: How to make a video unlisted)

6. Title your video with your dancer's first and last name and the words “Audition Video” after. (ex. Carly Bell Audition Video)

7. Fill out the audition application (here) and paste the link to the audition video at the end of the application. This is how you will submit the audition video. This form will also require you to answer some questions about your dancer, attach a headshot, and to sign the audition agreement. 

*Any audition videos not sent through the proper google form will NOT be reviewed or considered for our competitive team* 


Dancers must complete the following videos based on level, and they should be filmed in this order: 

Audition Checklist

  • Filled out the correct audition sign up form

  • Submitted payment for audition fee by August 1st

  • Watched audition choreography videos and learned choreography at home

  • Filmed audition videos

  • Edited videos together to create one long video

  • Uploaded audition video to Youtube and titled it correctly

  • Filled out the audition submission form before the deadline (August 8th at 10 AM CST)

    • Each dancer needs a headshot and their audition video to complete this form



  1. Jazz

  2. Lyrical

  3. Tap

  4. Improv & skills video

Classes for the new season will start September 7th!

Advanced Level

(Includes High School)

  1. Jazz

  2. Lyrical

  3. Tap (optional)

  4. Improv & skills video

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